Hi, I'm Marcus- I speak about design, the generation of an idea and How to inspire a way forward.  

2017 'Conversations with Larry Payne' - Pierce Skypark

Conversations with Larry Payne features in-depth, thought-provoking conversations with Houston’s leading thinkers and examine social situations on a dynamic scale within Houston. 

2018 '10 Habits of Unlearners'

University of Houston AIAS CoAD Professors Mini-Lecture Series

How to generate your own creative supply chain through the ‘10 Habits of Un-learners

2018 'Flights Flows and New Fields'

Texas ASLA Conference

With the advent of drone delivery and vertical takeoff and landing, how will evolving behaviors towards technology change the way we process new demands on public space of the air and ground? Can landscape lead the coming urban “air-scape?

2016 'Lanes to Landscape: Freeways as Evolvable Urban Structures'

Texas Society of Architects

2016 'Pierce Skypark: An Unsolicited Movement'

Texas ASLA Conference

2013 '5x5x5 Variations on a Smarter City' - 'Shuffle City'

Architecture Expo Boston

2013 'Product Design Workshop'

Boston Public Schools Art Festival